The amazing features of the Vtuls Biosensor:
Available in UK and Switzerland only. 


FREE Vtuls Biosensor Mobile App:

•    Guides you through a set of steps to get your Vital signs with the Vtuls Biosensor

•    Transforms your health statistics into a meaningful insight into your health


ECG Recorder:

•    Supports both cable and cable-free operation

•    Quick and easy to set up

•    30/60/90s of full disclosure waveform can be replayed


Pulse Oximeter:

•    Measures oxygen saturation, pulse rate and pulse strength.

•    Supports both cable and cable-free operation

•    Quick and easy to set up

•    Built-in SpO2 sensor supports cable-free operation



•    Highly accurate Integrated infrared temperature sensor

•    Very easy to use and quick to get reading

•    Safe and comfortable, no need to wake up a child while sleeping


Blood Pressure Tracker:

•    Easy to use - no blood pressure cuff needed

•    Takes only 20 seconds

•    Track your blood pressure variation

•    Blood pressure trending is available for tracking with the Vtuls Mobile App


Accurate Pedometer:

•    Accurately calculate steps, calories and amount of fat burned

•    Built-in highly accuracy 3D smart sensor
•    Intelligent algorithm to calculate distance (no need to set stride length).


IMPORTANT: The data and results provided by this device are for pre-check screening purpose only and cannot be directly used for diagnostic or treatment.

Not to be used if you have a pacemaker or other implanted device. Vital signs measurements, such as those taken with this device, cannot identify all diseases. Regardless of the measurement taken using this device, you should consult your doctor immediately if you experience symptons that could indicate a health issue. Do not self medicate on the basis of this device without consulting your doctor. In particular, do not start taking any new medication or change the type and/or dosage of any existing medication without prior approval from your doctor.

Vtuls medical grade Biosensor

SKU: 000001
  • A complete medical grade Biosensor measures your vitals anywhere – any time. Available now in the UK and Switzerland.


    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your health information is completely accessible with this small, portable biosensor. It has so many wellbeing benefits. Use it to monitor you stress levels, or to help you reach one of your health goals with the FREE Vtuls App. Already in use in clinics and some hospitals, you can now have access to this revolutionary product with our pre-order special offer. Track all your daily vital signs whenever you want. Take control of your health.



Don’t miss out on this incredible product! Order today to understand your body and health with this incredible Biosensor. Vtuls puts you in charge of your health and wellbeing, so that you can start taking positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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