Saving lives through remote monitoring of vulnerable patients

Our market-leading AI and Machine Learning-driven technology is supporting clinicians and caregivers across the globe by enabling them to monitor vulnerable patients’ vital signs remotely and to respond rapidly to worsening conditions.

How does Vtuls' technology work?
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Vtuls has six years of proof, has been deployed in seven countries and is approved by the FDA, CE and ISO.


Data shows that Vtuls can reduce mortality rate, improve patient outcomes by 20% and reduce healthcare costs by 35%.


Vtuls’ flexible platform fully integrates into existing healthcare systems, can be deployed within 48 hours and is available to be branded as yours.


Our Purpose

We are driven by using our expertise in healthcare, AI and enterprise software to create remote healthcare solutions that protect and improve the lives of vulnerable patients.

We make it easy for clinicians and caregivers to monitor the vital signs of their patients remotely through proven technology.

This benefits individuals by enabling a faster response to deterioration, greater independence, improved quality of life, less time spent in hospitals and a feeling of empowerment that comes with being engaged in your own healthcare.

For healthcare and residential organisations, the benefits – apart from better care – include huge cost savings and increased efficiency, thus enabling staff to engage better with the individual.

Our Technology

Vtuls enables clinicians and caregivers to monitor vital signs remotely to improve outcomes and quality of life for vulnerable patients and people with chronic conditions. Here’s how it works:

Vtuls Biosensor and mobile app

1. Capture data

Starting with the patient, the leading edge Vtuls Biosensor device monitors five key vital signs – far more than any alternatives on the market – and is administered simply by the user holding the device in the palm of their hand for 20 seconds. The five vital signs are:

done_outline Blood pressure
done_outline Blood oxygen
done_outline Heart rate
done_outline ECG
done_outline Temperature

There is also a purpose-built Vtuls Mobile App – which can be white labelled – and which enables the flexible platform to integrate with other medical devices such as smartwatches and other wearables, as well as capture patient-reported vital signs such as pain and anxiety. In total, up to 40+ vital signs can be monitored.

Vtuls AI and Machine Learning

2. Analyse and inform

Vtuls’ industry-leading AI and Machine Learning technology analyses the patients’ vital signs data on a daily basis through machine learning algorithms. This deep data analysis is coded and presented to the clinician or caregiver in an easy-to-use online portal, with red coding identifying deteriorating conditions. Clinicians can also enable patients to view the data for themselves and share it with their selected relatives and caregivers, increasing engagement in their health.

Vtuls video and voice calls

3. Virtual connection

Patients who require intervention can be contacted by phone or video within the Vtuls mobile app. They can also be sent messages to remind them to take their vital signs in instances where this has been missed. This saves time and resource, enabling the patient to get access to the care they need without having to come to the hospital.


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The most adaptable remote patient monitoring platform in the world

Find out how Vtuls’ market-leading AI and Machine Learning technology can help you to respond more quickly to deteriorating conditions, saving time and saving lives while also saving money.

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