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The Vtuls Leadership team’s broad skillset enables its advanced AI and Machine Learning platform to stay at the very forefront of technology, while also being easy to implement for healthcare providers and patients.

Jas Saini


CEO and Founder

Electronics PhD, Jas, launched Vtuls to use his vast technology experience to improve healthcare outcomes. Prior to launching Vtuls, INSEAD Management graduate Jas had held leadership positions at a range of electronics multinationals but he started thinking about how to use technology to identify vulnerable patients and to help them get the support and treatment they need earlier. The Vtuls platform has already been deployed in seven countries and the Vtuls team are continuously looking for ways to increase its impact.

Professor Thomas Hügle


Scientific Advisor

Thomas believes that healthcare digitalisation will bring us to a second revolution and, through AI and deep learning, ensure we provide the right patient with the right treatment at the right time for improved outcomes. Head of Rheumatology at CHUV and a full professor for rheumatology and rehabilitation, Thomas has an MA in healthcare management. He works to ensure that the Vtuls platform contributes to better decision-making and improved outcomes, while remaining user-friendly for patients and clinicians.

Professor Robert Kelly


Chief Medical Officer

Robert is a Consultant Cardiologist at UCD Beacon Hospital in Ireland, an Associate Clinical Professor in Medicine at UCD Beacon and a Senior Lecturer in Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. With a focus on innovation in digital health, telemedicine and patient monitoring, he plays a key role in ensuring the Vtuls’ solutions meets the needs of healthcare providers on the ground.

Dr André Anjos


Scientific Advisor

André has a PhD in Signal Processing with an emphasis on Machine Learning. He has an interest in Biomedical-Signal Processing, which enables the analysis of important information from our bodies so that clinicians can make informed decisions, including applications such as Machine Learning, Computing and Open Science. He is a Researcher at the Idiap Research Institute and serves as a reviewer for scientific journals in pattern recognition, image processing and biometrics. He helps to ensure that Vtuls’ technology remains at the leading edge of AI and Machine Learning developments in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers and the patients they serve.

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