Working with you to improved health and wellbeing

All you need is a little help

Using the latest innovations in healthcare technology and activity tracking, Vtuls® puts you in charge of your health and wellbeing, so that you can start making positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Understanding your data has
never been easier

With our unique virtual health and wellness coaching service, delivered by qualified health and fitness experts, Vtuls® empowers you to make sense of your health data and statistics, for improved health and wellbeing.

How it works

Monitor your activity and vital signs. Set your goals. Track your progress.

The Vtuls App

Your monitor

Your chosen coach

Vtuls® is a subscription based, health and wellness app which simplifies the road to a healthier you. Compatible with leading activity trackers and supported by the Vtuls® health monitoring kit and team of expert coaches, Vtuls® enables you to obtain a true understanding of your data so you can make real changes to your health and wellbeing.

Craig M - London

Wow. I've always dreamed of running a marathon. I did it! My chosen coach worked with me and with my monitor info, was able to build me up to the magic 21km. We're working on my next goal! 56km.

Get started right now

Download and install the Vtuls mobile application, compatible with all iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 9.3 or above and follow our step by step instructions to create your profile and access and track your data.

A bespoke service,
tailored to your needs.

Whether you are looking to reduce your health risks by improving your fitness, losing weight or lowering your stress levels, Vtuls® will help you get there. By interpreting your data, Vtuls® matches you to a dedicated member of their team of health and wellbeing experts, who will motivate and virtually coach you to improved health and wellbeing. These virtual sessions not only help set and achieve goals, but can also identify any potential health issues, even before symptoms have appeared.

Choose the right
package for you

Classic package
£39 a month

Get the most out of your activity tracker, by interpreting your data and making recommendations through regular virtual video consultations with a dedicated Vtuls® health or fitness coach, depending on your specific goals.

Start improving your health and welbeing today

Premier package
£59 a month

Get very latest in health and wellness tracking.
In addition to interpreting data from your own fitness tracker, Premier customers can obtain a deeper insight into their health and wellbeing, by measuring their vital signs with the Vtul’s® clinical grade, wireless health monitoring kit. This package includes weekly video consultations with a member of the Vtuls® team of expert health and wellbeing coaches to help you reach your goals.

Start improving your health and welbeing today

Why Vtuls?

Your data at your fingertips

Vtuls® makes the quest for improved health and wellbeing achievable, offering you instant access to your vital signs and activity data, supported by a coach who is virtually with you every step of the way.

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce

Vtuls® can help you improve absenteeism levels and the productivity of your work force, by empowering employees and giving them a better understanding of their own health and fitness. Please click here for more information on our corporate schemes.

Making sense out of your data

Vtuls® transforms your health statistics into a meaningful insight into your lifestyle and helps you to effect real changes with the help of their team of experts.

Preventative Healthcare

Knowledge is power. By keeping track of your daily activity and vital signs you can take effective steps to reduce health risks such as diabetes and heart conditions.

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