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Why Vtuls was Highly Commended at the HTN Awards 2020

Vtuls has been highly commended in the ‘Best Use of AI’ category at The HTN Awards 2020 for its work in using AI and Machine Learning to provide early warnings for deterioration in health.

We have seen so much innovation in 2020 and of course this is a challenging category – in fact the winner was none other than Microsoft Research, part of the second biggest technology company in the world. We’re proud that Vtuls ran them pretty close.

The reason we did so well, we believe, is because our innovations are genuinely moving the dial in the AI space and because we have proof of their impact on health outcomes.

Vtuls uses deep learning and conventional machine learning methods to create prediction models for disease outcomes, based on intelligent monitoring of vital signs – which can be done remotely. We talk a lot about our remote monitoring capabilities, but it is our intelligent analysis of data that is arguably the key to our success.

The models are pre-trained on larger datasets for hospitalised patients and then, once embedded, they continuously analyse healthcare data in order to improve the quality of their predictions. Recently, we have been successful in aligning our algorithms for ‘minimal input databases’, enabling us to predict poor outcomes just as efficiently as it had with full intensive monitoring datasets. This could really move things forward.

Practical implementation of AI into the routine of busy healthcare professionals has been a challenge in the sector before now. We’ve taken an audience-first approach to solving this problem, creating algorithm filtered data, automated early warning alerts and intelligent reporting that provides doctors and nurses with important insights while saving them time. The impact has been proven through numerous studies, including Randomised Controlled Trials.

We’re delighted that our technology was recognised at The HTN Awards 2020. It’s a testament to the excellent leadership team we have here at Vtuls and to our clear focus on maintaining our position at the very forefront of AI in healthcare innovation. We have a number of new technologies on their way that further improve our data collection, data analysis and predictive capabilities and we look forward to sharing more about those very soon.

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